Learning to be lucky

Is good luck just a matter of, well, luck, or are there things we can do to increase our chances of attracting opportunity and good fortune?

English psychologist, Professor Richard Wiseman thinks so. For ten years the professor studied 1000 people who described themselves as either lucky or unlucky and found that certain principles involved in luck can be learned.

Professor Wiseman found that lucky people operate differently from unlucky people in various ways:

  • Lucky people are attentive, observant and are open to, and aware of their surroundings. Unlucky people seem to have tunnel vision and miss the good things right under their noses.
  • The unlucky also tend to be anxious which increases their narrow vision.
  • Lucky people are able to see the bigger picture as well as details.
  • Lucky people have welcoming and open body language and smile often which makes them more likeable to others and increases their chances of receiving valuable information, and being offered opportunities and support from other people.
  • Unlucky people have more rigid and closed body language, which distances them and reduces their impact on others and input from others.
  • The lucky listen to their intuition while the unlucky tend to ignore their ‘gut feeling’.
  • The lucky are more optimistic about the future so that other people react more positively to them and have more confidence in them.
  • The unlucky are pessimistic and give up easily because they assume they are ‘unlucky’ and won’t succeed.
  • When they are faced with problems and setbacks, lucky people turn such ‘bad luck’ into ‘good luck’ by searching for different ways, means and opportunities. They don’t give up while the unlucky do.

In his Luck School Professor Wiseman has been teaching people how to develop ‘lucky’ habits. Luck it seems has less to do with intelligence, ability, talent or hard work than with our and approach to life. Luck comes from a person’s outlook and actions rather than from some mysterious outside force.

Source: Catalyst ABC TV 1 May 08

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