10 ways to boost self-esteem


1.  Give yourself credit. When you do something kind or caring, when you do the right thing, do something competently, or do something you were afraid to do, praise yourself.

2.  Give others credit. Complement and praise others instead of looking for faults. This builds a habit of praise and looking for the positive, which flows over into your attitude to yourself.

3.  Action and success breeds feelings of achievement and self-esteem. The more interests, hobbies and activities you have, the better your feelings of self-worth.

4.  Broaden your world and increase your support networks.

5.  Don’t expect too much of yourself. It is better to plan to walk a few blocks to lose weight than to aim for 10kms when you haven’t exercised for a long time. Failing to reach self-imposed unrealistic goals will dent your self-esteem.

6.  Don’t undervalue your achievements. Even the smallest things are steps in the right direction.

7.  Monitor the way you think. Do you favour all-or-nothing thinking for example (people either love or hate you, your friends must always agree with you (or they are against you)? Everything in life has shades of grey.

8.  Find the voice inside you that is encouraging and supportive and banish the inner critic that puts you down and criticises. Put up mental STOP signs to any self-talk that does not support a healthy and positive self-view.

9.  Don’t waste time thinking about what you have to do or should do, just do it. Procrastination undermines confidence. Write a list and feel proud of yourself as you tick off jobs done.

10.  Live in the present and don’t brood over the past.

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